Coming Up 

Friday the 13th! 


We've got a new Venue and great lineup for March! Anna Rose will be messing with your mind, John Shaw may hurt your feelings and your eyes, Luna Shimada will amaze you, and The Mad Scientist Dyno Staats is back baby. We've added Pre-show close up as well with Eric Stevens so get there by 9:00 and drink up bitches. 

April Baby


Stay tuned we got some special plans for April 2020 baby:) 

May there be magic 


Did you not read the text for April? We even used the same pic, jesus christ. Now go buy tickets for March :) 


What is Late Night MAGIC? 

Late Night MAGIC hosted by Douglas "Lefty" Leferovich is a crazy free for all with Vegas Professional Magicians.  Act's that have been featured on ATG, Fool Us, Wizard Wars, and more come out to cut loose at Late Night MAGIC. It all that goes down at Notoriety located in crazy Downtown Las Vegas.


Start time is 10:00 PM, leave the kids at home and have some fun!

If you're not there you better be dead, or in jail, and if you're in jail....BREAK OUT!!!!  

Our Partners

These great people make this show possible. Give them a visit please. 

Westgate Lighting. Westgate is your leading source for all LED needs. Westgate has been around for over 10 years, so its a brand you know you can count on to get the job done right. Westgate;

"The future is here, and the 

the future is Bright"

Las Vegas’s premier new live performance venue. Located in downtown Las Vegas on the world famous Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. Come experience some of the most talented musicians, singers, comedians and performers. NOTORIETY is the answer to discovering the undiscovered…

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